New Rule for 2015 - Trip Reports

04 May 2014
Taranaki Coastguard monitored VHF channel 61 all weekend for us as was mentioned at the briefing , out of 227 entries only 8 trip reports were logged with coast guard .
Considering the weather on the Sat this is a poor effort from nearly  all of us . If someone had had got themselves in trouble or worse there could have been major consequences for the organisers as well as the family of the angler.
For next years Classic it will be compulsory to log a trip report with Coastguard 1 trip report per group of anglers will be ok. this can be either by cell phone or vhf and can be made any time day or night and be made before you leave home for those that are fishing in an area with limited vhf or cell coverage.  
For anglers fishing out of Cape Egmont, please think about were you are going to park your vehicle and trailer, as a few anglers parked in front of the rescue boat shed and blocked the ramp which stopped some boats using the ramp and would have stopped the cape rescue boat from launching .Next year you will be towed you have been warned: If in doubt please ask if possible . The organisers also will encourage the Cape Boat club to put up no parking signs next year .
cheers TKFC.