Charity Fish Auction

*** Fish Auction Cancelled for 2015***

Due to forecasted bad weather and high winds we have had to change around the Sunday events and unfortunately cancel the fish auction. Any fish not being kept by the angler may still be left on ice with us and we will donate it to a local rest home for a special dinner. We apologised and thank those who have enjoyed coming out and checking out the auction and supporting our charities in recent years but we must put the safety of our competitors first.

Each year over 1 tonne of fish is weighed in during the competition. Whilst anglers are obviously entitled to keep what they catch, we encourage them to donate any fish they do not wish to take home to our charity fish auction. The auction is a great way for those not so keen on catching their own fish, or any anglers who weren't quite as lucky as the others, to purchase a variety of fish at great prices, fresher than they could buy in the supermarket, with all proceeds going to our chosen charities - LegaSea and Cape Egmont Sea Rescue. In 2014 we managed to raise over $2000 from the auction.

After all the fish has been weighed in it is kept on ice kindly supplied by Egmont Seafoods before being sorted and auctioned off by McDonalds Real Estate.


As well as providing ice, the team at Egmont Seafoods also generously donate their time and skills - once you have collected your fish from the auction, head on over to the tent and have it filleted on the spot for only a gold coin donation - which are then forwarded to our charities of choice. Even if you haven't brought any fish we suggest you check these guys out as the precision and speed of their work is impressive to watch.


Sushi Ninja will also be on site to sell their delicious sushi packs, or for a real treat, take your own fish over to their stall and they will create custom made sushi right in front of you.



In 2015 we have decided on LegaSea and Cape Egmont Sea rescue as our chosen charities. Read more about them:

LegaSea is a programme developed by the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council to ensure that the Vision of 'more fish in the water for future generations' in Aotearoa becomes our reality. By supporting LegaSea you are contributing to the advocacy, research, education, and the idea of working together to achieve this vision. For more information check out their website:

The Cape Egmont Rescue Trust was established with Taranaki's unique offshore services in mind, providing a  "ready response" rescue vessel  should any of the offshore rigs need evacuating, as well as to assist in environmental disasters. The trust acquired  a 10m boat to act as a rescue boat should it be needed with 16 trained crew on stand by.  For more information see their facebook page: